Introduction on Spain

Spain, officially known as the Kingdom of Spain, is a country mostly located on the Iberian Peninsula in Europe. Madrid, the capital of Spain, is a historical city with an area of 607 square kilometers and a population of 3.233 million in the urban area. It is the political, cultural, economic and financial center of the country. The city has 13 subway lines with a total length of 226 kilometers. Madrid has Autonomous University of Madrid, 36 art museums, more than 100 museums, 18 libraries and so on.

La Liga is the top football league of Spain and there are a few famous football clubs competing in La Liga. Passionate fans must know Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atlético Madrid. The competition between Real Madrid and Barcelona is called El Clásico. The two successful teams are always the candidates of the La Liga championship. The country’s national football team won the UEFA European Football Championship in 1964, 2008 and 2012 and the FIFA World Cup in 2010.

Spain football has become increasingly popular in the world.

In addition to football, basketball, tennis, cycling, handball, futsal and motorcycling are all famous sports in Spain.

There is a Spain 2018 World Cup Shirt, which is inspired by one of Spain’s most famous shirts in history—the 1994 World Cup home football jersey. The shirt features a diamond-shaped printed pattern on the right representing the speed, strength and playing style of Spanish football. These elements are closely related with Spain national team. The national team badge is embroidered on the left of the chest while Adidas brand logo is put in the middle. The gold five-pointed star represents one title of World Cup. Adidas three stripes are placed on the shoulders, back to the classic design.